- Kelsey Ferrara -

Kelsey Ferrara is a recent graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara. Here she majored in English and minored in Professional Writing with an emphasis in Multimedia Communications. From a young age she was always interested in becoming a writer.

Name : Kelsey Ferrara
Email : kels.ferrara@gmail.com

Past Work

I have experience working at several different companies and found that I am very passionate about the creativity that goes into the publication process.

In the past I've held positions at local newspapers, online magazines, and literary magazines. My work has been featured on Tattoo.com, Giant Partners, Climbing with Apples, Daily Nexus, Vocalady Magazine, Emergence, and The Fox Magazine.

Check out the links below to find archives and examples of my past work.


I have a valuable skill set that spans over a wide range of subjects

  • N


    In the past I have thrived in editorial positions due to my organization, leadership abilities and keen eye for detail.

  • U


    I am currently taking courses that improve my knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and other necessities of web design.

  • H


    Before taking up editorial positions, I honed my skills as a writer by contributing weekly articles to Vocalady Magazine and Daily Nexus.

  • m


    I have maintained several leadership positions and currently manage a team of editors at The Fox Magazine.

  • M


    As an English major, I pride myself on my ability to communicate and collaborate well with others.

  • S


    I have led several successful marketing campaigns through social media outlets including Instragram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Content Writer, Giant Partners

    SEPT 2017 - Present

    • Wrote B2B content for small businesses including formats such as newsletters, websites, email copy, and blog articles.
    • Experience with SEO, copy editing, web design, graphic design, etc.
    • Ran multiple blogs for clients while managing social media content and online presence
  • Editorial Intern, Ink Smith Publishing

    AUGUST 2017 - Present

    • Edit and proofread fiction manuscripts while working alongside authors and editors
    • Operated on strict weekly and monthly deadlines
    • Provide creative insight and develop character arcs and plot points when necessary
    • Assist with every step in the publishing process and manage the authors online presence
  • Head of Editorial, The Fox Magazine

    FEB 2016 - June 2017

    • Facilitate and organize a team of editors, assigning them daily tasks and responsibilities
    • Publish, schedule, and edit daily content
    • Reach out to interested contacts and conduct interviews that can later be turned into full length articles
    • Stay up to date on trends in all relevant categories, including: photography, food, fashion, technology, inspiration, and travel
  • Writer, Daily Nexus

    FEB 2016 - June 2017

    • Pitch and write weekly articles for Daily Nexus, a campus newspaper at University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Contribute to On The Menu, the food and recipe section of this publication
    • Participate in weekly meetings and workshops that strengthen writing abilities
  • Editor, Vocalady Magazine

    FEB 2016 - JAN 2017

    • Managing a team of four writers by handling pitches, editing their articles, and publishing
    • Promoting the brand on social media platforms and leading several marketing campaigns
    • Strategically studying the statistics and response that specific articles receive
    • Contributing weekly articles while staying up-to-date on relevant categories
  • Editor, Cul-De-Sac Literary Magazine

    2014 - 2015

    • Advertised and promoted this publication to local area
    • Assisted in the creation of events that publicized the literary magazine
    • A member of the Editorial Committee that oversaw all Fiction submissions into the magazine
    • Proofread and edited all submissions before entering into the final stages of review


  • University of California, Santa Barbara

    GRADUATION: June 2017

    • Received Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in English
    • Minor in Professional Writing with a focus in Multimedia Communication

  • College of the Canyons

    GRADUTATION: June 2015

    • Received Associates Degree, Major in English
    • Graduated Cum Laude
    • Member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society
  • Arnhold Research Associate

    • A member of a program offered at UCSB that allows undergraduate students to conduct research on a graduate level
    • Constructed 40-page thesis that analyzes Beowulf and Lord of the Rings using Monster Theory
    • Presented findings to colleagues during a Research Conference in May 2016
  • Academy of the Canyons, Middle College High School

    Graduation: 2014

    • Participated in ASB and assisted with organizing and coordinating school-wide events
    • Worked as a graphic designer for Yearbook to construct creative page layouts while meeting strict deadlines

Creative Writing

Below are excerpts of my creative work. It has always been my dream to be a published author and to write professionally.



Love Letters

Scene 1
A WOMAN rushes into her bedroom, obviously distressed, quickly shuts the door behind her and locks it. In her frantic state she checks to make sure the door is locked so she's completely alone with her thoughts...




Scene 1
Sara enters the room talking on the phone, obviously upset.

What. The. Hell?! What do you mean he's not taking his insulin?! Does he know that he'll die without it? No, no ...



Empty Lot

I was one of the last to see those kids before they went missing. There was something wrong with the summer from the very beginning. The lake dried up to nothing, sidewalks were boiling by noon, and the streets were always empty. Children were either forbidden or too lazy to brave the afternoon heat...